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Glicnet is a web design and development company based in the West of Ireland, servicing clients all over the world.
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web page design


At Glicnet we take the time to listen to your needs and requirements to get a clear picture of your objectives. Only then can we work out what the best solution is for you.

planning a website


Drawing on our extensive knowledge and experience we involve you in every step of the planning process so that you know exactly how your project will progress. We lock in our deadlines and deliverables so you have a clear understanding of the service we offer.

website implementation

Design & Implement

We combine artistic creativity with indepth programming skills to create a website that will give your business a high quality online presence

Are you an SEO Agency?
Do you need programming help to do better SEO?

If so we can help. Similar to how we offer back office services to graphic designers we can also be the php programmers for your SEO Agency.

We already have this arrangement with a number of SEO Agencies and have worked on in excess of 700 projects since 2005.

We will go to the meetings, help draw up the requirements and most importantly deliver on the required programming. We can communicate with the client if you wish as a third party or as a regular employee of your design firm. We undertake not to work independently with your client or include the work in our portfolio.

You as a the SEO company take all the credit for the overall solution and can offer a much wider service to your customers.

Why choose us:

  • We are seasoned php programmers based in Ireland
  • We can write custom php code to give the best SEO results with a proven track record in getting sites highly optimised
  • We can write or modify wordpress plugins
  • We know our stuff - we know all about web hosting, page load speeds, cacheing, responsive design

Call today for more information or fill in the contact us form and we will give you a call to discuss.